Free AP Statistics Practice

These are the best practice tests, notes, flashcards, and quizzes to help you study for the AP Statistics Exam. 

Official AP Statistics Exam Practice

2012 Released AP Statistics Exam: This 2012 released exam is considered the best resource for AP Statistics by students and teachers.

Official AP Statistics Practice Exam: This is the College Board’s officially released practice exam for AP Statistics.

Every Released Free Response Question: The College Board has compiled a set of every free response question for the AP Statistics exam. 

18 Multiple-Choice Questions and Free Response: Released practice questions from the official 2010 AP Statistics description starting on page 20.

2002 Released AP Statistics Exam: The College Board released a practice exam with questions from the 2002 AP Statistics Exam.

1997 Released AP Statistics Exam: This is a PDF copy of the 1999 AP Statistics exam.

Unofficial AP Statistics Exam Practice

Full-Length Barron’s Test: Online AP Statistics test offered by Barron’s that reflects the AP curriculum. 

Stat Trek Practice Test: A helpful practice test with 40 multiple choice questions covering a variety of topics on the exam.

Full-Length McGraw Hill Test: This online practice AP Statistics test provided by McGraw Hill reflects the format of the AP exam.

Chapter Tests: Dan Shuster provides multiple choice practice tests for each topic on the AP Statistics exam.

AP Statistics Flashcards & Study Material

Stat Trek Prep: The best collection of study materials to review concepts before taking the exam.

Cumulative Study Guide: A helpful 8 page review briefly covering everything on the exam.

Important Concepts: A helpful packet explaining important concepts that do not appear on the AP Statistics formula sheet.

AP Statistics Notes: A site with PDF notes for every chapter from an official AP Statistics textbook.

Vocabulary Flashcards: A flashcard set with important vocabulary on the AP Statistics exam.